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Professional Development: The Career Lattice
A Conceptual Framework for Early Childhood Professional Development
Early Education's Top Model: Finland
Professional Development Partnership with Georgia Child Care Association
New Online Course about Healthy Nutrition and Fitness Practices
This month's trial course is CCEI800: The Professional Portfolio: Fostering and Documenting Professional Development. New users can take this course at no charge to explore the benefits of online learning.
Alumni Profile: Brenda Canty
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This Month, CCEI Discusses
Professional Development.

When the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) published "The Conceptual Framework for Early Childhood Professional Development" in 1993, they replaced the traditional concept of the professional "ladder" with a "lattice."


The lattice image acknowledges that the field, or "industry," of early childhood education consists of many diverse yet interconnected parts. It also implies that there is more than one way to go professionally, as opposed to looking either up or down the rungs of the corporate ladder.


According to NAEYC, the central goal of early childhood education is to "foster individual children's optimal learning and development in all areas and to support families' childrearing efforts." To accomplish this goal, early childhood professionals need to understand basic principles of child development, developmentally appropriate practices, and strategies for working with culturally diverse families.


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"A Conceptual Framework for Early Childhood Professional Development"    

This is a good time to read NAEYC's "A Conceptual Framework for Early Childhood Professional Development." Released in 1993, the document is currently due out for a revision soon according to the NAEYC website. However, it is safe to bet that nearly 20 years of continued research will not change the core principles outlined in this document. Rather, the research will only provide further evidence of what many leaders in the early childhood education field have known for decades.


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Article Courtesy of NAEYC

Early Education's Top Model: Finland 

By: Marina Jimenez

Here is a good topic for a professional development workshop, or simply something worth reading up on and talking about with fellow child care professionals. For decades, Finland has consistently ranked in the top one or two slots in math, reading, and science scores among teenagers worldwide. Thus, the Finnish education system has been the subject of many studies and much analysis. Nearly everyone comes to the same conclusion: it all starts in early childhood. Not only are the Fins dedicated to early childhood education; they have a fairly unique approach and one that many American teachers, advocates, and parents would like to emulate.


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Article Courtesy of The Globe and Mail

CCEI Announces Professional Development Partnership with Georgia Child Care Association   

CCEI is proud to announce a partnership with the Georgia Child Care Association (GCCA). The partnership with GCCA recognizes CCEI as the preferred provider of online early childhood development programs. "We are excited about this partnership with CCEI to increase professional development opportunities in Georgia with more accessible quality training. The breadth of classes offered provides a multitude of opportunities in early learning domains that will keep educators and administrators coming back for more!" said Carolyn Salvador, Georgia Child Care Association Executive Director.

CCEI Joins the Fight against Childhood Obesity with New Online Course about Healthy Nutrition and Fitness Practices

CCEI's new course, Healthy Habits: Nutrition and Fitness Practices, is focused on developing lifelong nutrition and fitness habits in the child care environment. The Healthy Habits course teaches caregivers why and how to develop a nutrition policy, strategies for working with families to promote proper nutrition practices at home, and curriculum enrichment ideas for increasing healthy lifestyle choices and reducing childhood obesity. USDA nutrition recommendations, healthful snacking, and portion sizes are also covered. Students may register for this course through their CCEI account. Existing CCEI account holders who do not have an active, annual individual or center-based subscription may purchase this one-hour 0.1 IACET CEU course for $15 through online enrollment.

CCEI's Trial Course for July is 'The Professional Portfolio'  

A professional portfolio is a tool that benefits administrators, teachers and directors in the child care industry. CCEI800 introduces early childhood professionals to the practice of developing a professional portfolio as a means of enhancing professional growth. The portfolio provides evidence of professional skills and experience. Furthermore, potential employers appreciate and respect the time and effort it takes to develop and maintain a comprehensive portfolio. This course teaches educators how to create a portfolio, what to include, and how to arrange it, as well as the purpose and characteristics of an accompanying reflective statement. CCEI800 is available to new CCEI users at no cost in July. To take this course as a new user, click on Take a Trial Course and Earn CEU Credit! at www.cceionline.edu. Existing account holders without an active, annual individual or center-based subscription may purchase this one-hour 0.1 IACET CEU course for $15 by selecting Professional Development for Individuals here. 

Brenda Canty

Columbus, GA

Congratulations to Brenda Canty for successfully completing CCEI's 500,000th hour of Professional Development!   


On May 20, 2011, Ms. Brenda Canty completed CCEI's Professional Development course Shaken Baby Syndrome, which is the 500,000th course hour in CCEI history. Brenda initiated her early child care career by working with children in her local Parks and Recreation organization, in addition to her church. Since then, she has worked in public school as well as a child care center. Brenda very much enjoys the time she spends with the children and loves seeing them smile. The children in her care most enjoy reading, dancing and singing.


In her spare time, Brenda likes spending time with her family and going to church. Brenda does plan on furthering her education and hopes to study something related to the medical field one day. She is currently working on completing her Child Development Associate (CDA), and will continue to take CCEI's online Professional Development courses through her center-based subscription. Brenda enjoys the online courses and recommends CCEI to anyone.


Congratulations, Brenda! CCEI is proud you completed our 500,000th course hour!

Individual Professional Development Subscriptions for just $99
CCEI offers over 100 IACET CEU-awarded online professional development courses that meet continuing education requirements. CCEI has course offerings in English and Spanish, and courses are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from any computer with Internet access.

Center-Based Subscriptions
Center-Based Subscriptions are a great way for directors to manage and administer continuing education for staff members. CCEI's Center-Based Subscriptions, available for small and large centers, allow directors to provide training for as little as $20 per teacher for the entire year!
For more information, contact Admissions at 1.800.499.9907 or click here to enroll online.

Complete CDA Coursework Online with CCEI!
CCEI's Online CDA Certificate programs meet the clock-hour training requirement of The Council for Professional Recognition, which is needed in order to apply for the Child Development Associate (CDA) credential. CCEI's CDA Certificate programs focus on the six CDA Competency Goals established by the Council and contain the required hours in each of the eight specified content areas. Each hour of completed coursework is awarded 0.1 IACET CEU.

CCEI offers several CDA programs. The CCEI Online Self Study CDA is designed for students who are comfortable with an online learning environment and can successfully complete work independently. The Instructor Supported CDA Certificate, available in English and Spanish, provides students with extra support from a CCEI Education Coach (EC). Each EC is an early childhood specialist with previous experience working in a child care center or school. Students interested in college credit should enroll in the Online College Credit Eligible CDA Certificate program for the opportunity to articulate credit with one of our college partners. CDA renewals are also available.

Online Director's Programs
CCEI offers an Online Director's Certificate that provides professional development for early childhood professionals seeking to further their skills and knowledge in the management of a child care center. The program is composed of nine instructional units that focus on the core areas of competency required to manage a child care center. CCEI also offers an Online National Administrator Credential (NAC) Certificate, which is approved to provide the 40 clock hours of business and administrative training required for early childhood professionals seeking their National Administrator Credential. Each student receives support from an Education Coach. Click here to enroll online and for renewals.
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